IUCN President Razan Al Mubarak leads 75th Anniversary Commemoration and 110th Council Meeting

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Today, on the 75th Anniversary of the founding of IUCN, Razan Al Mubarak commemorated the organization and led its 110th Council Meeting in the Chateau of Fontainebleau, France, where the International Union for the Conservation of Nature was formally established.

In a heartfelt retrospective of the organization’s journey,  Ms. Al Mubarak highlighted its growth throughout the years and emphasized the relevance of a common conviction:

“IUCN is a global union of an incredibly diverse worldwide membership including 1,400 entities from governments, subnational governments, Indigenous peoples’ groups, and civil society, and 15,000 experts from diverse disciplines. All united to defend a conviction that the world is better, more liveable, more wondrous, healthier, and more resilient when nature and humankind thrive together.”

Ms. Al Mubarak, who is gearing up to represent the COP28 presidency at the end of November, also spoke on the importance of an inclusive approach to conservation:

“The targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Biodiversity Framework and the Paris Agreement must be met with a groundswell of bold action from governments, civil society, indigenous peoples’ organizations, women and youth.”

During the 110th meeting of the IUCN Council, which focused on furthering the development of a 20-year strategic vision for the IUCN, Ms. Al Mubarak stated:

“While the urgency to address environmental challenges has never been greater, we are buoyed by a wave of positive developments. The emergence of global and regional environmental agreements, responsible business practices, financial incentives for nature, and advanced monitoring technologies are beacons of hope, guiding us towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.”

Watch Ms. Al Mubarak’s full speech at the 75th Anniversary Commemoration of IUCN here.