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Razan Al

Effective conservation.
Sustainable development.

Candidate for the IUCN Presidency, 2021–2024

Photo of an oryx

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Razan Al Mubarak profiled by Wired Magazine Middle East

English Español Français العربيةIn a profile of Razan Al Mubarak for Wired Middle East, contributor Caterina Minthe looks at how Ms. Al Mubarak is pioneering micro-grants for critical species conservation around the world.  “A little bit of money can go a long way toward saving a species from the brink of extinction,” Ms. Al Mubarak,…

Razan Al Mubarak: “Twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change can be tackled together”

English Español Français العربيةIn an oped for the World Economic Forum Agenda, Razan Al Mubarak makes the case that policies can address the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.  In the op-ed she writes: "While the United Arab Emirates, which I am proud to call home, is known for its vast deserts, it…

Razan Al Mubarak Spotlights Women In Conservation With World Atlas

English Español Français العربيةWorld Atlas interviewed Razan Al Mubarak and four women who have received grants from the Mohamed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund for a special series of articles on the critical role that women play in biodiversity conservation.  A strong advocate for advancing gender equality in all fields, Ms.Al Mubarak told World Atlas: “Like many…

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