Razan Al

Effective conservation.
Sustainable development.

Candidate for the IUCN Presidency, 2021–2024

Photo of an oryx

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VIDEO: Greetings from Razan Al Mubarak, Candidate for IUCN President

As humanity comes together like never before to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, Razan Al Mubarak is more committed than ever to her campaign to serve as President of the IUCN beginning in January 2021. In this video message, Ms Al Mubarak discusses why the work of the IUCN, the world's foremost scientific authority on conservation…

In Mongabay op-ed, Razan Al Mubarak calls for a post-COVID recovery plan for wildlife conservation

While the global lockdown has led to unprecedented reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, there is increasing evidence that the pandemic is bringing critical conservation efforts to a halt, harming efforts to prevent biodiversity loss worldwide.  In an op-ed written for Mongabay, the global conservation and science news outlet, Razan Al Mubarak calls for a post-COVID…

Image: Guinea - Rural Women's Cooperative. UN Women, Flickr.

Razan Al Mubarak writes about Conservation and Covid-19 in an op-ed for The Ecologist

The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call that a seemingly innocuous event in one part of the world can have a profound effect on the other side of the planet in just a matter of days. In an op-ed written for The Ecologist, Razan Al Mubarak makes a powerful case for the need for conservationists to…

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