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Razan Al

Effective conservation.
Sustainable development.

Candidate for the IUCN Presidency, 2021–2024

Photo of an oryx

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Video Message from Razan Al Mubarak, IUCN Presidential Candidate

English Español Français العربية “Bonjour. Salaam aleikum. Buenos días. And hello. Today marks the moment that we've all been waiting for for so long. The opening of the World Conservation Congress, both in-person in beautiful Marseille, or virtually from all over the world. But in person or virtually, we've all pledged to participate, to engage,…

Razan Al Mubarak featured as one of Mongabay's “Conservation Players”

English Español Français العربيةRazan Al Mubarak was interviewed by Mongabay editor-in-chief Rhett Butler as part of the news outlet’s Conservation Players. The series explores nature and sustainability issues and trends with notable conservation leaders from around the world such as The Nature Conservancy’s Jennifer Morris, WWF Africa’s Alice Ruhweza, and Jinfeng Zhou of the China…

Razan Al Mubarak Spotlights Women In Conservation With World Atlas

English Español Français العربيةWorld Atlas interviewed Razan Al Mubarak and four women who have received grants from the Mohamed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund for a special series of articles on the critical role that women play in biodiversity conservation.  A strong advocate for advancing gender equality in all fields, Ms.Al Mubarak told World Atlas: “Like many…

In IUCN 2021 presidential candidates debate, Razan Al Mubarak offers optimistic message for future of Union

English Español Français العربية Razan Al Mubarak articulated her vision for the Union in the recent IUCN 2021 presidential candidates’ debate which was moderated by the former Prime Minister of France, Laurent Fabius. The debate was conducted in advance of the electronic vote which will open to all IUCN members no matter their location on…

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