IUCN Vision

Effective. Together. Now.

The IUCN’s reputation, legitimacy and effectiveness stem from its diverse membership including states, government agencies, NGOs and indigenous groups; and from the unparalleled expertise of its six Commissions. The conservation of nature can only be successful when we work together to tackle the challenges we face, and IUCN is all about working together. We must act together now to save the planet, with all its species and ecosystems, for tomorrow.

On the Issues

Razan’s Position on Policy Support

The Union must provide science-based, innovative and relevant information, tools and guidelines, based on accepted global standards that allow its members to fill the science-policy gap; and enable the development and implementation of evidence-based policies that respect the urgent imperative of nature conservation and which also ensure that the interests, challenges and needs of all stakeholders are addressed.

Razan’s Position on the IUCN Programme

The task of the President is to oversee and guide the implementation of the IUCN 2021-2024 Programme of Work, and to encourage and nurture a culture of assessing impacts and continuously adapting strategies to results and impacts. The core IUCN knowledge products must be secure, sustained and promoted; and the IUCN Programme must be a key component in achieving the 2030 SDGs related to environment and nature.

Position on Finance and Resources

The finances of the Union must be strengthened, diversified and at a scale conducive to its mission and ambition. New innovative and pragmatic support mechanisms need to be set up, and donors must see the value provided by the Union. The sustainability of the Union needs to include clear measures to attract and retain the best minds in nature conservation.

Razan’s Position on Governance and Leadership

The leadership and governance structures of the Union must focus on ensuring that all of the constituencies in IUCN are engaged in implementing the Programme so that the Union can make significant progress in achieving its vision.

Razan’s Position on Membership and Service

The members’ participation in formulating and delivering the Union’s Programme must be increased. IUCN needs to listen to its members’ needs and to offer science-based services and tools that allow them to maximize the benefits from their participation in the Union.