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Razan's vision is built on a fresh, energetic commitment to working closely with all constituencies, especially youth and local communities.

To combat biodiversity loss, climate change and emerging diseases, Razan is committed to making IUCN the foremost scientific authority on environmental matters by elevating the voice and strengths of its members across global platforms to promote conservation and sustainable development.

This kind of leadership, informed by science, will be critical in an increasingly polarized world with conflicting perspectives on conservation.

Her top priorities will be to insure the successful implementation of the IUCN Programme 2021-2024, secure the IUCN finances, and cultivate donors so they understand the impact of their support.

"We must work together across all the Union's constituencies to demonstrate an undivided commitment to success."

Razan Al Mubarak

While IUCN is a conservation organization, Razan emphasizes that the Union must continue to support sustainable development. IUCN should strive for a world in which all people have a quality of life that gives them both dignity and opportunities but within the ecological limits of our planet. IUCN's science-based approach and its diverse membership enable it to rise above the polarization of ideas and opinions that so often prevent progress.

Razan will work to further advance IUCN's reputation, legitimacy and effectiveness, which stem from its broad membership including states, government agencies, NGOs and indigenous groups -- and from the unparalleled expertise of its six Commissions. She is committed to the belief that the conservation of nature can only be successful when we work together to tackle the challenges we face.