Razan Al Mubarak’s Vision for Multilevel Climate Action Highlighted at ICLEI World Congress 2024

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Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak addressed global urban leaders through a pre-recorded message at the ICLEI World Congress 2024, emphasizing the critical role of cities in addressing climate change. Cities are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, placing them at the center of climate action strategies.

At the congress, Razan highlighted the achievements of the Coalition for High Ambition Multi-Level Partnership for Climate Action (CHAMP), launched at COP28. This initiative underscores the importance of multilevel cooperation in driving effective climate responses.

Highlighting exemplary local initiatives, Razan praised the Green Areas Bank of Campinas, Brazil, and the environmental education project in Cajicá, Colombia, as models of how urban areas can contribute significantly to national climate goals.

Razan’s call to action at the congress was clear: to integrate nature-based solutions into urban planning extensively and to work collaboratively across all levels of government and society to realize a net-zero, nature-positive future by 2030.