Nature Conservation in "The Business of Philanthropy" Podcast

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Razan Al Mubarak, President of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP 28, recently featured on Badr Jafar's podcast, "The Business of Philanthropy." During the insightful discussion, she emphasized the transformative role of philanthropy in addressing complex global challenges, particularly in climate change and biodiversity conservation.

In the podcast, Ms. Al Mubarak highlighted significant milestones and initiatives, such as the establishment of the Ocean Breakthroughs at COP28, which underscore the intrinsic value of nature in our climate systems. She pointed out the critical turning point at COP28, where a collective recognition of nature's central role in climate solutions was firmly acknowledged, including a commitment to end deforestation by 2030. This marks a pivotal shift towards integrating nature with global climate goals, as outlined in the UAE Consensus and the Paris Agreement.

Ms. Al Mubarak also spoke passionately about the need for a greater commitment from the philanthropic community to scale up nature-based solutions, which can potentially address up to 30% of climate mitigation needs by 2030. She stressed the importance of local community and indigenous people's involvement in these initiatives, noting their crucial role as custodians of nature.

The podcast is available on YouTube and podcast channels for those interested in deeper insights into how integrated efforts between philanthropy, government, and business can accelerate effective climate and nature conservation strategies. Razan's discussion with Badr Jafar serves as a call to action for all stakeholders to leverage their unique positions and collaborate towards a sustainable and equitable future.

Watch the full podcast here. YouTube and BuzzSprout