A Message from Razan Al Mubarak on International Mother Earth Day 2023

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Dear friends, dear colleagues.

Today is International Mother Earth Day. “Mother Earth.” The name gives me pause. As climate change and biodiversity loss threaten the planet that we call our home, who will come to her protection?

I am personally inspired by the many indigenous communities around the world who are finely attuned to their environment. Their livelihoods, their identities and way of life depend on a delicate balance between what is taken and what is given back.

More so, indigenous peoples protect and steward 40% of protected areas and 80% of global biodiversity around the world. This Mother Earth Day, I hope we can all learn from indigenous peoples and shift to a reciprocal relationship with our planet, one in which we don't just take and consume, but give back, protect, replenish and nurture.

Once we make this shift to a harmonious and just relationship with the natural world, meaningful and impactful climate and conservation action will, as they say, come naturally.

Happy Mother Earth Day.

Thank you.

— Razan Al Mubarak