Razan Al Mubarak on NatureServe “Conservation Conversations” Podcast

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For Earth Day 2022, Razan Al Mubarak was interviewed by Nature Serve President and CEO Sean O’Brien on the organization’s “Conservation Conversations” podcast. 

In the interview, Ms. Al Mubarak discusses a range of issues including her goals as the current president of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), what inspired her to dedicate her career to conservation, and the importance of democratizing nature. 

Going forward, the nature conservation movement must become more inclusive to represent voices from different sectors, disciplines, and traditionally excluded groups like youth, women, and indigenous people, she told O’Brien. 

“When we live in harmony with nature, when we breathe clean air, we’re healthier and happier people, and when we’re healthier and happier people, we’re able to contribute more,” said Ms. Al Mubarak

Watch the full episode on the NatureServe Youtube channel.