Razan Al Mubarak discusses the importance of gender equality in an op-ed for Context News

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In an op-ed for Context News, Razan Al Mubarak discusses the importance of including women and girls in climate talks and efforts, highlighting both their impact on daily practices and the lack of representation at the decision making nexus:

“Women, as the main users and producers of household energy, are more likely to be energy-efficient and adopt environmentally friendly behaviors, the OECD has found. As primary stewards of their land and traditions in many communities, they tend to have a stronger understanding of how their natural resources are affected by climate change, and how they can adapt, according to UN Women. Yet, despite the significant value of their knowledge and expertise, women are still widely sidelined and excluded from decision-making.”

Ms. Al Mubarak also speaks on the lack of data surrounding the issue, and how it affects the decision-making process:

“The lack of gender-disaggregated data is an economy-wide problem. Women deal daily with products such as mobile phones, medicines, and car seat belts that were designed for men’s bodies, and they live in a global economy that has failed to value the time they spend caring for families and maintaining households, according to Invisible Women.”

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