Razan Al Mubarak Calls for Collective Climate Action at Road to COP28 Event

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Razan Al Mubarak, UN High-Level Climate Champion for COP28, highlighted the importance of collective climate action among non-state actors including businesses, cities, financial institutions, civil society, and academia.

The event, titled “Road to COP28: Driving Collective Action in the UAE,” was hosted by the High-Level Champions and the Dubai Chamber, with support from the COP28 Presidency. It brought together various stakeholders to mobilize efforts towards inclusive climate progress, focusing on climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience, as well as finance.

Read Ms. Al Mubarak’s statement below:

Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to engage with the vibrant business community in the UAE in fostering climate action. Hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the event was a chance to capitalize on my charge as High-Level Climate Champions: to engage companies, cities, regions, financial institutions, educational bodies, and healthcare organizations on a transformative journey towards halving emissions and building a nature-positive world by 2030. 

As we embark on the road to COP28 UAE, I am keen to engage the non-state actor community in the UAE as they lead the charge towards achieving net-zero emissions and building climate resilience. 

The private sector in the UAE – including CEOs of companies operating in the built environment, finance, and circular economy sectors, with whom I had an opportunity to meet – is not just capable, but fully prepared to take ambitious climate action.

But to realize our goals, we must create suitable regulatory environments and frameworks that support this transformative journey. We need to foster cross-collaboration among different sectors, leverage technology as an enabler, and secure increased financial resources. The UAE’s aim is to collectively drive both global and regional climate action that has a positive impact on nature - and to ensure that all are represented at the table. 

Together, we can make a difference. By working hand in hand, embracing innovation, and prioritizing sustainability, we have the power to drive meaningful change, not only in the UAE but also globally. 

My thanks to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the COP28 team for this incredible opportunity for a glimpse into an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for all!

— Razan Al Mubarak