Razan Al Mubarak biodiversity and climate change challenges with Treehugger

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In a wide-ranging interview with Treehugger reporter Mary Jo DiLinardo, Razan Al Mubarak discussed the significance of her 2021 election as IUCN’s first female from the Arab world, how her passion for conservation began, and what she hopes to accomplish as IUCN President.

“IUCN has a critical role to play at this pivotal moment in history, especially as more and more people recognize that protecting nature is critical to solving the current challenges we face—climate change, biodiversity loss, and recovering from a global pandemic,” Ms. Al Mubark tells Treehugger.

She added: “My top priority as President is reasserting IUCN’s leadership and influence on the global stage. We are focused on bringing conservation into the mainstream conversation—and making it an essential part of the solution for solving the multiple crises that the planet faces.”

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