Quartz Africa talks with Razan Al Mubarak about impact of climate change on women

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In an interview with Quartz Africa, Razan Al Mubarak spoke about a range of issues related to the devastating impact of climate change on women. Ms. Al Mubarak said:

“Women are less likely to survive climate-related disasters due to existing gender inequalities, which can create disparities in information and mobility. Further, women have much more limited access to resources like funding, technology, job training, and decision-making that would directly improve their well-being. Climate change is not only an ecological crisis, but fundamentally a question of justice, prosperity, and gender equality.”

She also discussed what she is doing as UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP28 to reduce the exposure of women to climate hazards: 

“One of our campaigns, Roof Over Our Heads, puts women’s collectives at the centre of addressing access to safe and decent housing for the most vulnerable communities. We’ve set a shared target for governments, donors and private sector actors to urgently expand access to clean cooking through at least $10 billion in innovative finance each year.”

Ms. Al Mubarak said that one of my key priorities is to advance the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda, the first comprehensive global plan to rally both states and non-state actors behind enhancing the resilience among our planet’s four billion people, and ensuring this is done in a just and inclusive way.

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