VIDEO: Heroes of Sustainability: Meet the individuals who have dedicated their careers to creating a greener future for all

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Razan Al Mubarak has been at the forefront of the UAE's successful efforts in the conservation of key species over the last decade.

Like most mothers, she aspires for her daughter to grow up in a world of clean air and water, graced by nature. Unlike most three-year-olds, however, that little girl has a parent whose personal passion and professional tenacity helps render that aspiration realistic.

As managing director of the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, and Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Razan Al Mubarak is a potent force in conservation and sustainability, in the UAE and beyond. She cites stunning victories for her organisations, most incredibly, perhaps, the EAD-led re-introduction of Arabian oryx into the UAE desert and its programme to restore scimitar-horned oryx to Chad.

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