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Endorse Razan For The IUCN Presidency

Dozens of IUCN members from around the world have already endorsed Razan Al Mubarak as a candidate for President of the Union. Submit your endorsement below and show your support for Razan.

Julia Marton-Lefèvre Director General, IUCN (2007–2015); Member of the Bureau of IPBES

“Razan and I have worked together for many years in her capacity as a high level government official, an IUCN framework donor and a strong supporter of international conservation action. The extent and diversity of Razan's involvement with IUCN, combined with her real-world experience leading an environmental regulator, a local environmental NGO, and a global philanthropy is exactly the right set of leadership experience the IUCN requires from its President.”

Yolanda Kakabadse First Woman to Serve as IUCN President (1996–2004)

“Having led a governmental agency, a regional NGO, and a global philanthropy, Razan has the experience and vision to lead the IUCN's diverse members and help the Union work in a more unified way to advocate for the conservation of nature. As the first woman from the Arab world to lead the IUCN and only the second female President in its 72-year history, Razan will also ensure diverse voices, especially young people and indigenous groups, have a meaningful and active role in IUCN governance.”

Valli Moosa President, IUCN (2004–2008)

“Razan has played an instrumental role in helping the UAE transition to a green economy, while developing innovative conservation solutions that have become models for the rest of the world. No one is better positioned to lead the IUCN into this crucial decade for conservation.”

Ashok Kohsla President, IUCN (2008–2012)

“Razan has the experience, skills, and passion to assert IUCN's influence on the global stage. Under her leadership, the IUCN will leverage its expertise to convince global governing bodies to adopt and meet aggressive conservation measures and targets.”

Khaled Anis Irani President, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Jordan

“Razan has developed an extensive and diverse network of professional relationships which will enable her to lead the Union with a vision that is based on principles of effective collaboration and goals that match the swiftly changing variables the world's environment faces today.”

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE Founder, Jane Goodall Institute Foundation

“I have known Razan well for a long time and been impressed by her passion for conservation. She founded the first JGI Roots & Shoots programmes in the Middle East, and has encouraged the spread of this environmental and humanitarian movement for youth throughout the UAE (it is currently in 65 countries). She is exactly the right person to lead the IUCN: dedicated, decisive and experienced. I strongly endorse her candidacy for IUCN President.”

Sylvia Earle, PhD Mission Blue

“It is with pleasure that I wholeheartedly endorse Razan Al Mubarak as the next president of the IUCN. Her accomplishments and outstanding leadership over the past decades in addressing specific issues and raising awareness about the urgent need to protect and restore wildlife and natural areas across the globe have helped change the way the public and international leaders view the fundamental importance to humankind of safeguarding nature. She has an extensive background in conservation organizations including WWF and has served as Secretary General of Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi. Razan's ethics, intelligence, and heart will serve IUCN well as we navigate our way through a complex and challenging future. She is the right person at the right time, a time of unprecedented peril — and an unprecedented opportunity for humankind to develop an enduring, peaceful relationship with nature.”

Jane Madgwick Wetlands International

“Wetlands International supports the vision that Razan has set out for IUCN and is confident that she has the leadership, technical and personal skills to develop and guide the Union at this critical time for our planet. We have seen how Razan's efforts have enabled government organizations and civil society groups to work together, her efforts to better connect terrestrial, freshwater and marine solutions and how she is championing an increased role for youth and women in conservation.”

Andre Hoffmann President, Mava Foundation for Nature; Vice-Chairman, Roche

“It is a pleasure to endorse Razan's candidacy for IUCN president. She is one of the world's most effective and dedicated young leaders on biodiversity and environmental issues. At a time when the world needs a strong IUCN, I cannot think of a better candidate.”

Simon N. Stuart, PhD Director of Strategic Conservation, Synchronicity Earth

“When I was Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), Razan and I worked together on a number of important initiatives. She has been deeply committed to IUCN for some time, both as a framework donor and strong supporter of the SSC. In recent years, Razan has emerged as one of the most talented and inspirational conservation leaders in the world. Her large vision, strong track-record of effective leadership, sharp intellect, fresh approach, and positive outlook make Razan the perfect person to lead the IUCN as its next President.”

Vance Martin President, WILD Foundation

“Razan is more than impressive, with a rare skill-set and an informed and holistic perspective. The embodiment of diversity, Razan is the ideal person to lead IUCN into a new and much-needed era of influence, impact, and leadership.”

Olivier Langrand Executive Director, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

Topiltzin Contreras MacBeath Former Secretary of Sustainable Development, State of Morelos, Mexico

Sanjay Molur Executive Director, Zoo Outreach Organization, India

Brahim Haddane President, Moroccan Association for Environment and Climate Protection (ASMAPEC); National Committee IUCN of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Allison Alberts Chief Conservation and Research Officer at San Diego Zoo Global

Wes Sechrest Chief Scientist and CEO, Global Wildlife Conservation

Anders Rhodin Executive Vice Chair / Chairman Emeritus, IUCN SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

Axel Hochkirch Associate Professor, Trier University

Oumarou Cisse Executive Director, Association Nodde Nooto, Burkina Faso

Ian Harrison Chair, IUCN-SSC Freshwater Conservation Commitee

Jim Sanderson Founder and Director, Small Wildcat Conservation Fund

Sagar Dahal Co-founder, Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation

Frédéric Launay President and CEO, Panthera

Dr. Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri Secretary General, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi

Russell Mittermeier Chief Conservation Officer, Global Wildlife Conservation

Dr. Michael Maunder Executive Director, Cambridge Conservation Initiative

Claude Gascon Manager of Programs, Global Environemnt Facility (GEF)

Gregory M. Mueller Chief Scientist and Negaunee Vice President of Science, Chicago Botanic Garden

Luigi Boitani Professor of Zoology, The Sapienza University of Rome

And Many More