Time to Nominate Razan

The deadline to nominate Razan for IUCN President is 11 February 2020.








Nominate Razan, IUCN President

IUCN Members Request Information Below

To nominate Razan for IUCN President, send us a request by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. We will respond to you with the required documents and instructions to nominate Razan. Only official representatives of IUCN member organizations can nominate Razan. Nominations are due by 11 December 2019 13:00 GMT.


Are you an official representative of an IUCN Member Organization?

If “YES,” please follow these steps to nominate Razan.

STEP ONE: Request Razan’s CV and Declaration of Willingness to Serve by completing and sending the form at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.
STEP TWO: Attach Razan’s CV and signed Declaration to Serve to an email addressed to the IUCN Election Officer: nominations2020@iucn.org
STEP THREE: Also include in the email your (1) name, (2) organization’s name and its (3) IUCN Membership Number.
STEP FOUR: Send the email before 11 December 2019 to successfully nominated Razan.

Contact us to Nominate Razan

Request Information & Instructions to Nominate Razan